Carl Combover (UK)

Carl Combover has been spinning records in the clubs and bars of Liverpool since the early 90's and has ran the club night The Go-Go Cage for over 10 years. His trusty box of 45's has seen him DJ all over the UK and abroad, and at festivals including Glastonbury, Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Hipsville A-Go-Go, Red Rooster, Blast-Off, Born Bad in Paris and Fuzz in the City in Bilbao. He's also the drum pounder for several bands including Garage delinquents,The Shook-Ups and Las Vegas Grind instrumentalists, Doktor Combover. Expect to hear all sorts of dance floor killers- Garage Fuzz Pounders, Sleazy Punk Rock, Greasy R’n’B, Raw Soul Shouters and Wild Stripper Grooves!

Top 5 today:

I Kings ' Trovane Une Altro'
Baby Earl and the Trinidad's 'Back Slop'
Sonny Raye ' Whip It On Me'
Johnny York 'I Got My Eyes On You'
Useless Eaters 'Desperate Living'
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