The venue

When Penelope opened its doors in 1968 in, what at that time, was a small fishing village, no one knew what the future would be for both the club and the, now, city. Benidorm and Penelope grew hand in hand, and nowadays you can't imagine one without the other.

Located in the leisure area of Benidorm (Avenida Comunidad Valenciana, 120), Penelope is famous for its Mediterranean style structure with several distinct areas:

The MAIN HALL or DISCOTHEQUE is a covered area, with a 25,000 watt PA, where there is the stage, the main DJ booth and the dancefloor.  We are sure that you will love the ceiling mirrors, which are the original ones from 1968, as well as the lighting, decor and ample space, ideal for concerts.

 LA BOITE is another small room next to the "Discotheque", where we'll have this year HIPSVILLE HORROR A GO GO and you will be able to dance, if you wish, while the concerts take place in the main room.

 And finally, the TERRACE with its GLASS SIDED POOL and its myriad of levels, full of corners to get lost in. Where you can dance, eat a snack, buy records, clothes or trash in the Dracula Market or have a drink in one of the bars.

 We cannot mention this club without talking about its logo: the enigmatic silhouette of a bohemian-looking young woman, with long flowing hair that covers her face and her panama hat coquettishly tilted, has become an icon in Spain.  (The national  newspaper "El País" published a report on its back cover showing a list of the best-selling stickers in Spain, where Penelope's was second only behind Osborne's famous Toro-Bull).

Its creation goes back to 1968 when a French woman artist, Paule Rosset, noticed a girl called Mao, beautiful and attractive , modern and ahead of her time, which he carefully interpreted, not knowing  it would become an iconic symbol. 
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